5 Myths About Social Media Accessibility


Federal agencies are relying more and more on social media to reach out to the public, using social media from everything from recruitment to providing vital information in emergencies. We all know the importance of accessibility and being able to reach the widest possible audience. However, there are still many myths about social media accessibility that we need to overcome in order to best serve all members of the public.

The article 5 Myths About Social Media Accessibility addresses the most common misconceptions regarding accessibility and social media use. It touches on who is using social media and how successful we actually are at reaching the widest possible audience, as well as the perceived high cost of accessibility and our responsibilities of maintaining accessible content.

From the Article

Myth #3. When organizations and entities use social media to push content to their stakeholders, they are reaching everyone they need and want to reach.

The Truth: Information distributed through social media is only as effective as the number of people who view it; and inaccessible social media content excludes a large segment of readers and viewers. Think about it. If a company wants to recruit job candidates via social media, it will only be able to reach those individuals who can receive and interpret the content being shared. And while a company might not know how many potential candidates are included in its target audience, it is clear that if the company does not take accessibility concerns into account, it will not reach everyone. This, of course, could result in missed opportunities to recruit an excellent candidate. Similarly, if a government agency wants to use social media to warn the public about an approaching tornado or an automotive recall or a flu pandemic, it must make sure that everyone can receive the relevant message.


Had you heard any of these social media accessibility myths before? How did this article change how you view the importance of accessible social media content?

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