4 Components of Strategic Planning


There are many models and ways to develop an effective strategic plan, but at the core of all of them are four universal components. To develop a successful strategy, a leader needs to know the whys, hows, whats and whos of their strategy.

This e-book from Leadership Strategies outlines 4 components necessary in creating a successful strategic plan. The e-book outlines the steps of setting a purpose and priorities, drawing out a road map to take you through to your goal, setting clear terms and properly choosing someone to help your team through the process.

What You’ll Find

The 4 Components of Strategic Planning:

  1. The Whys – 5 Reasons to Plan What is the purpose of your plan? What are your priorities and how will you communicate that through your organization? Proper planning can ensure that everyone in your organization is moving in the same direction and their activities are aligned with the end goal.
  2. The How – The Drivers Model This component introduces four questions to ask about your organization: Where are we now? Where do we want to be? How do we plan to get there? How will we monitor progress? This step finds your baseline, set goals, identifies potential roadblocks to success and a way to measure your progress and make adjustments.
  3. The Whats – Terms and Definitions This component clearly defines your vision, mission, goals and other important parts of your strategic plan. This ensures that your plan is not delayed by disagreements about terminology.
  4. The Who – Knowing How to Choose Your Facilitator Getting your entire group to agree on a plan can be challenging. Having a neutral party assist you can be the difference between a successful plan or a dysfunctional one.

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  • When creating a strategic plan, which of these four components do you find is the greatest benefit to your organization’s success?
  • If you have been involved in strategic plans in the past, were any of these components ever missing? How much more difficult did that make achieving your goal?

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