Value of Partnerships in Education Programming


This partnership case study was created by Hollie Lynch from the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park for a live and virtual course on Partnerships as part of the Developing Curriculum-based Education course.

During this session, she shared the great partnership work that her park has been engaged in with local partners. Additionally, she shared other effective partnership stories from across the NPS.

What You’ll Find

The session goals were to:

  • Identify challenges parks face without partners
  • Describe the benefits of collaborating with partners
  • Identify potential partners and how to include them in the planning process
  • Describe assessment strategies

Download the How to Assess and Appropriate Partners and Stakeholders session PDF.

Additional Resources


  • Can you think of any additional partnership opportunities for your park/unit?
  • Check out other partnership success stories.  What can you apply at your park?

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