2015 Wilderness Report: WASO Wilderness Stewardship Program


The mission of the National Park Service (NPS) Wilderness Stewardship Program (WSD) is to identify and advance park lands to become part of the National Wilderness Preservation System and to steward those lands at the highest level of wilderness protection.

The program trains NPS staff and educates the public about wilderness character, values, and ethics. Further, the program works closely with its sister agencies and external partners to enhance capacity and engage stakeholders in becoming global stewards of our remaining wild landscapes.

Save wild places. Inspire generations. Foster stewardship. Offer hope.

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From the Report

Wilderness stewardship and management is highly dynamic and always evolving. In order to ensure that wilderness practitioners and interdisciplinary partners are managing most effectively, the NPS Wilderness Stewardship Program promotes opportunities for wilderness training.

Training Opportunities NPS Staff Trained in 2015
Interagency Wilderness Workshops 46
Park-Specific Wilderness Workshops 184
Distance Education Courses 10
Webinars 28
Online Training Courses 617
Total 885

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