Magic Maker Cubes: Building Creativity, Kindness, and Collaboration


I recently participated in an activity very similar to this. NPS educators are always looking for activities to engage students during field trips, outreach programs, and longer programs offered to youth. Kriscia Cabral shares in her article “Magic Maker Cubes: Building Creativity, Kindness and Collaboration” a creative way she uses ‘maker cubes.’

What is a Magic Maker Cube?

A Magic Maker Cube has a different prompt activity on each of its six sides. The person who rolls the cube must perform the activity they have rolled using only a set of prearranged materials. The teacher sets a timer, the students create, and when the timer goes off, building time is up. Each student then has to share what it is they created and why.

This can be a partner share or the teacher can call on volunteers to share with the class. This is a great student activity for your first days back to school, but it’s fun for any time you’d like to challenge your students to be creative.

How to Create a Magic Maker Cube

Here are the steps to make a cube:

  • Create and Cut Out Cube
  • Prep Your Materials
  • Prepare Students
  • Enjoy the Show

Download Cabral’s magic maker cube template as an example of what your cube could look like!

Kimble Talley

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