The 14th Amendment, the National Park Service and America’s Second Founding


To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the passage of the 14th Amendment, we look at how that amendment defines U.S. citizenship, its connection to America’s “Second Founding” (the passage of the Reconstruction amendments), and the interpretation of these topics at National Park Service sites.

What You’ll Find

This 1.5 hour video is presented by the National Archives in partnership with the Constitutional Accountability Center and the National Park Service.


  • Rep. James Clyburn (SC) – Keynote Speaker
  • Elizabeth Wydra – Moderator
  • Michael Allen – National Park Service Southest Region Community Planning Specialist
  • Turkiya L. Lowe – National Park Service Southeast Region Chief Historian
  • Professor Kate Masur – Northwestern University

All public programs at the National Archives are free and streamed live online via the National Archives YouTube channel.

Watch the Video


  • How can you use the information and ideas from this video to help you interpret the 14th Amendment and Reconstruction Era?

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