Ten Tips for Creating Respect and Civility in Your Workplace

Barbara Richman, Lorman Education Services

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It seems like uncivil behavior is all around us, from popular culture to our elected officials. The lack of respect and civility can even be found in our workplaces, draining our productivity and hurting morale.

What can we as individuals do about incivility in our workplaces?

In the short article Ten Tips for Creating Respect and Civility in Your Workplace, author Barbara Richman details 10 ways individuals can develop greater awareness of respectful behavior. In practicing these 10 tips, individuals can act as role models and spread positive and civil behavior through the workplace and beyond.

What You’ll Find

The 10 tips for creating civility and respect in the workplace include:

  • Consider the impact of your words and actions on others.
  • Understand your “hot buttons.” Knowing what makes you angry helps you manage your reactions and respond appropriately.
  • Rely on facts rather than assumptions.
  • Consider other’s needs and resist seeing yourself as the “center of the universe.”
  • Take a broad, big picture approach to difficult situations.

From the Article

One study found that 60% of employees believe that co-workers’ annoying behaviors negative impact the workplace and, as a result, 40% reported that they are looking for new employment. These and other findings illustrate that disrespectful and uncivil behaviors drain productivity and negatively influence both an organization’s bottom line and the overall economy.


  • How can you use these tips to create a more civil workplace?
  • In what ways do you act as a role model for your coworkers and colleagues?

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