Expanding Learning Opportunities Online

Case Study: The Interpretation Leadership & Business Skills (ILBS) Virtual Classroom Project

The Distance Learning Group (DLG) recently teamed up with the interpretive community to extend a physical training event into digital space via distributed learning technologies. The training event, Interpretation Leadership & Business Skills (ILBS), is a 3-day professional development series for Chiefs of Interpretation and other key staff members and is offered regionally across the service.

In recognition that many possible participants might not be able to travel to attend training, planning team members for the training coordinated with the DLG to offer alternate participation opportunities to virtual learners via collaborative technologies and the NPS Virtual Campus, an online classroom management system. Online participants watched live sessions via high-quality live stream technologies and discussed key topics with peers and support staff via chats, discussion forums and social media. They also engaged in smaller group discussions held via webinar or in a number of self-paced reflective activities that were available on the virtual campus.

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To learn more about working with the DLG, please contact Dale Carpenter.

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