Increase in Lodging Rates for Albright Training Center

Albright Training Center is implementing the below rate schedule effective June 18, 2020. The following rates support the Training Center Mission. They are in compliance with appropriations law and GSA regulation of rates. Rates are established in line with cost recovery analysis and fiduciary responsibility to recover costs. All room capacity is defined by fire code.

The following rates are in compliance with current GSA established per diem rates for Grand Canyon, AZ. Rates will adjust in concert with GSA established rates.

FY20 Rates

January – February

March – April May – October

November – December



$115.00 $141.00


Meals and IE


$66.00 $66.00


Meals & IE: All guests at the Albright Training Center lodging will be reimbursed at the GSA established rates.

Effective Thursday, June 18, 2020, all overnight stays will be subject to the increased rates and charged the rates above as applicable.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we implement these rate increases in an effort to decrease the gap between incurred expenses and cost recovery, and comply with appropriations law. Contact albright_campus@nps.gov immediately if this rate increase requires you to make alternate plans.

Contact HOAL Superintendent, Brenda Karl with any questions or concerns regarding the above rate changes at brenda_karl@nps.gov or 303-562-7949.

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