ILN to partner with L&D on LEAP initiative

Learning & Performance Ecosystem Architecture Project (LEAP)

In recognition of evolving needs and opportunities across the National Park Service, Learning & Development (L&D) launched the Learning & Performance Ecosystem Architecture Project (LEAP) team in June 2016. This team will assess the current state of learning and performance (L&P) in the NPS according to the building blocks and components of the L&P Ecosystem Model as described in the industry white paper, Learning and Performance Ecosystems: Strategy, Technology, Impact, and Challenges. ILN has been specifically invited to participate in this effort and contribute to its success.

 Learning & Performance Ecosystem Concept

With the ever-increasing complexity of the modern world, and the amount of knowledge we need to be successful in our work, we must be more sophisticated in how we learn. It is increasingly critical that the resources put in place to help us learn – and ultimately perform – be as direct, effective, and instantly available as possible. To accomplish this, the National Park Service should move away from individual, siloed, “one-off” solutions, to an ecosystem comprised of multi-faceted learning and performance options that enhance the environments in which we work and learn. This ecosystem approach combines formal and informal learning components that help people learn and perform better.

A Learning and Performance Ecosystem enhances individual and organizational effectiveness by connecting people, and supporting them with a broad range of content, processes, and technologies to drive performance.

 Goals & Outcomes

  • Capture diverse viewpoints on Learning & Performance across the NPS
  • Co-create the new ecosystem with L&D and non L&D employees, leaders, and sponsors and support partnerships with other NPS functional areas and offices to increase support for L&P across the service
  • Recognize effective practices to be sustained, supported, or scaled for maximal value
  • Provide L&D leaders (including LDAC members) with information to make tactical and strategic decisions related to L&P
  • Surround employees with a suite of solutions they are empowered to access and use in the successful performance of their job, and connect employees to learning and performance support.

 ILN’s Role

We must first evaluate the baseline state of learning and development; what is working well, where people go to learn, what methods and tools they currently utilize, and where gaps and shortfalls currently exist. The LEAP team will begin gathering a diverse representation of NPS employees and coordinate virtual and in-person focus groups to hear directly from employees themselves.

 How to be a part of this project

ILN members are invited to share their perspectives and opinions on learning and development within the National Park Service. These perspectives will be collected through small, virtual focus groups consisting of ILN members. By participating in this effort, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, concerns, ideas, and opinions and play a critical role in shaping the future of Learning & Development at a national level.

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