ILN Comments on Sexual and Workplace Harassment

Reports of sexual and workplace harassment within the National Park Service have galvanized employee attention throughout the agency and aligned diverse perspectives around the urgent need to address a systemic culture that allows harassment to occur and recur. The Innovative Leadership Network (ILN) has a vital role to play in this effort. We believe there are two distinct ways to do so:

  1. First, by communicating the voice and perspective of employees to agency leadership.
  2. Second, by serving as a source of information to employees and facilitating communication and dialogue around the issue of harassment across the agency.

To help achieve the first result, the Innovative Leadership Network has compiled a document summarizing the comments and questions received from ILN members. We share this document here in an effort to communicate employee perspectives and concerns and bring about a better understanding of the issue of sexual and workplace harassment within the National Park Service. These comments, questions, and ideas represent the perspective of employees from across the agency.

It is our sincere hope that this document serves to represent the voices of employees. We hope these perspectives help to inform leadership as they explore causes and solutions to this systemic crisis. Please feel free to share this document far and wide, with any and all involved in this effort.

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