An Introduction to the Goodies Newsletter: What Can It Do for You?


Goodies for Facility Maintenance is a bi-weekly newsletter produced by WASO Learning and Development. It provides an overview of resources, information, and announcements geared toward the staff who manage and maintain the built environment of the National Park Service.

The links are gleaned from many sources both internal to the NPS and from other federal agencies, state organizations, and industry experts. The Goodies cover topics as varied as the jobs of the Park Facility Management Division staff:

  • Accessibility
  • Asset Management
  • Business Operations
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Facilities
  • Park Improvement
  • Sustainable Operations
  • Transportation

What will the Goodies do for You?

I don’t think they’ll actually do anything FOR you. You’re the one who has to do the work: open the email and click on the links about topics that appeal to you.

But, they will give you a heads-up when awesome stuff is coming up, stuff you may miss in your quicksand of an email inbox:

  • Training events
  • Upcoming webinars
  • Reminders
  • Maybe a thought-provoking essay/article


In 2012, training manager Steve Hastings retired and his duties were taken over by me, Sarah Polzin. Steve was ahead of the curve and knew a few things about learning and development for Facilities staff like:

  • Learning and improving work performance doesn’t only happen in the classroom.

    A very tall man holding a framed photo stands next to a not-so-tall woman
    NPS/SPolzin. Steve Hastings and Sarah Polzin at Steve’s retirement party.
  • Building systems technology is changing faster than the NPS can provide internal training for.
  • Not everyone can be or wants to be a supervisor. A skilled, motivated workforce is just as important as strong supervisors.
  • Being able to find the right information on how to do a task is better than waiting for a training in that task.
  • There’s a lot of knowledge “silo-ed” in our parks and we need to begin sharing it.

Today, Steve’s ideas align perfectly with L&D’s strategy of a Learning and Performance Ecosystem, which emphasizes a holistic approach to developing employees.

We often hear that the field staff doesn’t know when training is happening. Steve created email lists for the many different topics that relate to Facilities to try and get the word out about all the upcoming opportunities. When a training announcement came into his email, he forwarded it to the appropriate group. If you were on his list, you might get multiple emails a day from him. Soon, you might start ignoring them.

To ease the burden on your inboxes, I created a single, regularly distributed resource of the most appropriate or pressing topics. Why did I call it “Goodies”? Because most likely, if you search your email for the term “Goodies”, mine will be the only one you see.  Try searching your email for “Training” and see what you get. Plus “Goodies” just sounds more fun!

Goodies 3.0

We’ve gone through several methods for getting the news to you. Currently, we’re using GovDelivery to manage subscribers and create enticing newsletters. Other training and program managers are doing the same. When you subscribe, you can select as many or as few topics as you’d like to be informed about. And you can unsubscribe anytime you’d like.

How You Can Receive the Goodies

Click here to subscribe. You’ll provide your email address, and click the box to accept GovDelivery’s terms and conditions. It’s that easy!

The CLP is Full of Goodies!!

Need some training? Don’t wait for the Goodies to show up in your inbox! The Common Learning Portal is the granddaddy of all Goodies! You can access much of the content from your phone, or home computer.

  • Looking for training? You might find a training event, or a learning activity.
  • Got a question about something you’re working on? Go to The Commons and find a group of experts to help you!
  • Need to know how to do something NOW? There might be a video, or manual, or job aid just waiting for you in the Knowledge Park.

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