Goodies for Facility Maintenance – Sept 26 2018


What is it? Goodies is a bi-weekly newsletter full of training and resources for NPS Facility workers. Many links are connected to documents on the Bison Drive; you’ll have to on an NPS network to access them.

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Celebrating 10 Years of Operational Leadership

Can you believe OL has been around for a decade? And they are starting the planning for the next 10 years. If you’re unfamiliar with this risk management program that empowers all employees to identify and mitigate hazards, read more on the Common Learning Portal.


Permanent. Engineering Equipment Operator. WG 10

Crater Lake NP. Closes Sept 28.

Permanent. Park Manager (Supt). GS-14

Whiskeytown NRA, California. Closes Oct 3

Permanent. Park Manager (Supt). GS-14

Channel Islands NP, California. Closes Oct 3.

Permanent. Architect. GS-12

Everglades NP, FL. Closes Oct 4.


Say Goodbye to DOILearn, and Hello to DOITalent!

DOILearn is probably old enough to drive now, and like many teenagers, we’ve had a love-hate relationship with it. You’ve probably heard scuttle that we’re getting a new “learning management system”, or LMS. An LMS is basically a database that contains the official record of the training you’ve taken during your employment. Our new LMS, DOITalent, has many more features than our current DOILearn.

The folks providing you training, me included, are going to be learning how to use these features to improve existing training. To help you prepare, they’ve created an Employee Tutorial and a Supervisor Tutorial. These both should be launched in Internet Explorer.  

Other ways to prepare for the transition:

  • Clean up your transcripts. We recommend that you work on finishing up your “in progress” courses located in the My Learning section of DOI Learn.
  • Check out the FAQ’s for more information, the DOITalent Google Page, and the registration link for our monthly Wednesday Webinars.


Topics of interest in The Commons. Log in with your PIV. Create a profile to share in the Commons. New to the Common Learning Portal? Start Here.

Tours in Furnished Rooms of Historic Houses

Michael Florer, at the Eisenhower Home, is wondering if others allow special tours in furnished homes, and what precautions you take to prevent damage or theft. Have you got any experiences to share? Several people have weighed in already. Log into the CLP Commons and share in this discussion.


Share Your Historic Preservation Expertise

The State, Tribal, Local, Plans & Grants Division of NPS is seeking people with practical knowledge of historic preservation projects to review and rate applications for their Historic Preservation Grant Fund. The review system is online, can be accessed from any computer, and comments/scoring are inputted digitally. It takes about 30 min to review an application and you decide how many you want to review. They provide a recorded training webinar to show you how to use the system and review the grants.  Prior to review, you must sign a conflict of interest statement. If you are interested in helping and learning more about what the Historic Preservation Fund does please sign up using the Google Form.

Learn from a Master

Now’s your chance to learn directly from someone who has been there and done that. The Master Series: Conversations with Innovative Leaders will pair you with one of three current or retired NPS employees who are leaders in preserving Cultural Resources. This is a great opportunity for everyone from superintendents to entry level maintenance workers. Follow the link to learn more.

Are You an Emerging Trail Leader?

Apply for an Emerging Trail Leaders Scholarship to attend the International Trails Symposium in Syracuse NY, April 26-May 1. Scholarship is for registration, airfare, and other travel costs.  Applications due Oct 15.

Got Use-Or-Lose?

There are dozens of NPS employees who have hit hard times due to health and family issues and qualify for the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program. You can donate some of your annual leave to help someone you know or a total stranger.

Got a Great Idea?

But you just don’t have the time to implement it? Add it to the GOAL Academy Class Project Idea Pool. This is basically a matchmaking opportunity to showcase “real” projects to the GOAL

Academy class project teams who are charged with completing a project during the program. While there are no promises that a team will select your project, it could help participants generate their own ideas and make connections.

Are You a New Supervisor?

Start the process for enrolling in the New Supervisor Development Program on the Common Learning Portal.

Online Instructor Training Certificate Program.

Instructor Training Program offered by Eppley Institute for Parks and Public Lands. 

Course Progression:


**NEW Oct 2. Facilitating Change Readiness. Webinar.

This webinar provides practical tools and guidelines that enable leaders to diagnose the level of change readiness among their team.  Managers will learn to employ techniques to increase their team’s willingness to change their behavior and support the change.

Oct 15-19. NPS Physical Security Training. San Francisco CA.

Download the announcement here. This 40 hour training will provide knowledge of government-wide physical security requirements and standards for federal facilities. Per RM 9, Law Enforcement Reference Manual RM-9, each park must:

  • Designate a Physical Security Coordinator.
  • Conduct a physical security assessment (survey) of park structures (3-5 years).
  • Complete a written physical security that satisfies Departmental policy and directives.
  • Complete an Occupant Emergency Plan.
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems comply with RM-9.

Oct 16-17 2018. Landscape Preservation: An Introduction. Portland OR.

Learn about designed, vernacular, and ethnographic landscapes, and historic sites. Review applicable laws and regulations, and discuss how to identify and inventory character-defining features of a landscape. Explore the concepts of preservation planning and documentation, and the development of the cultural landscape report for use in managing historic and cultural landscapes. Case studies illustrate realistic approaches to effective landscape management and preservation.

Oct 18 2018. Landscape Preservation: Advanced Tools for Managing Change. Portland OR.

Explore the sometimes conflicting issues that direct the process of change and decision making for challenging landscapes. Review the practice and discuss the implications of inventorying, evaluating, treating, and maintaining landscape resources. Identify tools and techniques for managing change when difficult issues affect the process. Understand the philosophical foundations for making sound, educated decisions about the preservation and long-term management of historic and cultural landscapes.

Oct 24-25. IPTW Pre-Workshops. Frederick MD.

Pre-workshops for the IPTW that give you a deeper dive into particular skills. Choose from Gravestone Preservation or Window Restoration. See below for more information and how to sign up for registration.

Oct 26-28. International Preservation Trades Workshop (IPTW). Frederick MD.

The Historic Preservation Training Center is again hosting the 22nd International Preservation Trades Workshop. The theme this year honors the legacy of HPTC’s Chris Robinson, who encouraged us all to “Go Big or Go Home”. There will be a wide variety of demonstrators and a main dinner and auction to cap off the event Saturday evening.  We have shortened the Workshop to two days this year, to allow for a youth day on Thursday and a community day on Sunday.  We are planning several workshops ahead of the main event, including gravestone preservation, masonry preservation and window restoration. HPTC is sponsoring the registration for NPS employees, interns and volunteers. Sign up for registration Here.

**NEW Oct 30. Transition from Buddy to Boss. Webinar.

This webinar teaches managers how to transition from being a peer or buddy to now managing their peers, by helping them focus on developing self-awareness, their own leadership style, and a leadership plan.

**NEW  Nov 6, 7, 27, and 28. The UnCivil Servant: Holding Government Employees Accountable for Performance, Conduct, and Leave Webinar

This is a four-part webinar series – you must attend at least 3 sessions to receive credit.  Topics include: understanding the difference between performance and conduct, fundamentals of disciplinary actions, using the Douglas Factors, writing valid performance standards, types of leave and leave entitlements, etc.

**NEW Nov 8. Giving High-Impact Feedback–Webinar.

This webinar session helps managers and team leaders create a climate that supports open feedback, provides strategies to reduce defensiveness, and ensures feedback is perceived as useful.

**NEW Dec 3-7. Interdisciplinary Resource Protection and Law. San Antonio, TX

This course provides employees with a solid understanding of the resource mission of the NPS and the primary laws, legal authorities, case law interpretation, and policies used to protect park resources. You’ll practice the functions, skills, and roles through resource protection case studies. Recommended for commissioned employees, resource management discipline specialists, interpreters in resource education and public information, and facility management employees who will work in interdisciplinary teams. Participants in the Facilities Management Leadership Program (FMLP) will have priority for the facilities discipline in this session. Law enforcement refresher credit hours are available for this class. Class size is a maximum of 32 participants. Deadline to apply for registration and  travel scholarships is Oct 28.

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