Goodies for Facility Maintenance: January 30, 2019


Keeping Up With the Requirements

Remember, OSHA requires employers to post their OSHA 300A Injury and Illness Summary Sheet for 2018 from February 1 to April 30. This would be a great time to review it with your team — compare it with last year’s numbers and discuss how to avoid certain types of injuries in 2019.

Health and Safety Resources

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Vacancy Announcements

On-Demand Training

How to Pay for Energy-Efficient Facility Improvements!

Energy Savings Performance Contracting Training is a web-based, on-demand, 8-hour course targeted at federal contracting and procurement officials. However, federal energy/facility managers would also benefit from understanding third-party financing options for energy and energy-related building improvements.

Hot Topics on the CLP

Find a couple topics of interest in the CLP Commons below. To access the Commons, log in with your PIV card and create a profile to join the discussion. Are you new to the Common Learning Portal? Check out this Getting Started on the CLP article.

  • Road Shoulder Maintenance SOW

Chuck Tomkiewicz at GRSA is looking for a scope of work for paved road shoulder maintenance. Got anything to help him out? You can attach the files right to your response in this topic thread.

  • Recycled Tire Pavement — Have You Installed It?

Lynn Chan at YELL is looking for feedback on recycled tire paving. Share your experience in the discussion.

News from the Field

Get Energy Management Assistance

The FEMP Assistance Request Portal allows you to request FEMP (Federal Energy Management Program) technical assistance with fleet management, project financing, and renewable energy projects.

Iron and Steel Preservation

Lansing Community College has a welding technology program that teaches hot-rivet construction and repair! Sign up for their quarterly newsletter to stay on top of what’s happening in the world of steel preservation.

Connect with Other Water Professionals

Our friends who manage our water supply and water treatment systems in the parks have new options for connecting with their professional colleagues. The NPS Common Learning Portal has a group for Drinking Water and Wastewater Operators to share information. There’s currently 69 members and some good discussions are happening here. To gain a non-NPS perspective, the WaterNetwork is another great place you can pose questions and learn from others.

Put Yourself in a Needed Niche

For Facility Managers, Program Managers, and many others, having a solid foundation in the area of Accessibility will put you ahead of so many applicants in the job market today. Eppley University is offering a Certificate Program in the Foundations of Accessibility. This four-unit course is entirely online. The next cohort runs from February to May.

Got a Great Idea?

But you just don’t have the time to implement it? Add it to the GOAL Academy Class Project Idea Pool. This idea pool helps matchmake potential project opportunities with GOAL Academy project teams and showcases “real” projects. The GOAL Academy students are charged with completing a project during their time in the program. While there are no promises that a team will select your project, it could help participants generate their own ideas and make connections.

Photovoltaic (Solar Energy) Training

View all of the course offerings available through the Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

Spring is Almost Here!

Time to get a jump on invasive plants. To help with your planning, Natural Resources is sharing Invasive Plant Management Planning-Technical Considerations”. This document provides an overview of critical information needed to develop the content of an effective invasive plant management plan. It does not address the specifics of the planning process and environmental compliance requirements as that guidance is provided by the NPS Environmental Quality Division. Staff at park units without a current invasive plant management plan can use this guidance to help develop a robust plan that complies with law and policy and invests available resources efficiently to address invasive plant management needs on a programmatic basis.

Upcoming Training Events  (**New)

February 7: Accessible Sidewalks, Shared Use Paths, and Street Crossings – Webinar

Ensuring access to public streets and sidewalks can be a challenge since new guidelines for accessible public rights-of-way have yet to finalized. This webinar will review resources that can be consulted in the interim, namely the guidelines that the Access Board previously proposed for public rights-of-way and shared use paths. Presenters will discuss common access issues and solutions and review proposed requirements for sidewalks and street crossings, curb ramps and blended transitions, detectable warnings, pedestrian signals, on-street parking, street furniture, transit stops and other components of public rights-of-way and shared use paths.

March 6-7: GIS for Cultural Resources – Fredericksburg, VA

Discuss introductory geographic information system (GIS) concepts and functionality, combining spatial technologies and database management systems in the area of historic preservation. Learn how to use GIS software through hands-on exercises for identification, evaluation, protection, and preservation of cultural resources. From assisting with inventories and mapping historic districts and battlefields to mitigating the impact of disasters on historic areas, GIS technology can be used to provide a better basis for planning and decision-making for the nation’s heritage.

March 26-28: Water and Wastewater Training – Gulf Breeze, FL

This training will focus on best water and wastewater operation and maintenance practices.  This training will cover water and wastewater systems from wells and source protection to treatment, and distribution and collection.  Additionally, participants will tour systems at Gulf Islands National Seashore and engage in Park specific maintenance discussions, and vendor presentations.  The target audience includes Water and Wastewater Operators. Please see the announcement for details and the nomination form. Submit your form to Kevin_Bingley@nps.gov.

March 17-23: Sustainable Trails Conference – Grand Junction, CO

Hosted by the Professional Trail Builders Association, this event offers workshops and training sessions on topics such as: soil mechanics, GIS for trails, women in trail-building, and contract management. View the pre-conference workshops.

March 12: Energy Savings Performance Contract: Overview & Requirements – Webinar

This webinar is the first in a series that will provide information, best practices, and resources for implementing an Energy Savings Performance Contract Energy Sales Agreement (ESPC ESA) project. ESPC ESAs are a great option for federal sites that are motivated to reduce site costs, have no capital investment funding, and cannot use the U.S. Department of Defense 10 USC 2922a authority for long-term contracting. Other topics in the webinar series include: “Photovoltaic Project Considerations”, “Site-Specific Stand-Alone Project Overview”, and “ENABLE with an ESA”.

April 28-May 1: American Trails International Trails Symposium – Syracuse, NY

American Trails hosts this symposium because they believe that trails, more than any other public amenity, have the ability to strengthen communities and connect us all to our happiest and healthiest selves. The Symposium’s theme, “Health, Heritage, & Happiness” will include nationally and internationally focused presentations from world renowned speakers on cutting-edge trail topics.

May 1-2: Secretary of the Interior’s Standards: Treatment Considerations – Montpelier, VT

The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties form the basis for historic property rehabilitation for all federal undertakings, for federal tax benefits, and often for state, local, and private projects. Explore the standards in detail with particular attention to the preservation of historic fabric, sustainable strategies, energy conservation, accessibility considerations, health and safety codes, security issues, and climate change. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the application of the Standards to their projects.

June 17-20: Government Fleet Expo and Conference – New Orleans, LA

The Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX) is an annual conference for public fleets. Attendees can receive fleet-specific training, connect with peers, and get hands-on with the latest vehicles and technologies in the industry. GFX is designed for fleet managers, procurement specialists, analysts, maintenance supervisors, and others who work with fleets.

November 5-6: Cultural and Natural Resources: An Integrated Management Strategy – San Diego, CA

Explore a holistic stewardship approach to an integrated management strategy for cultural and natural resources on public and private lands. These resources are often analyzed and planned for independently, leading to isolated approaches. Through case studies, discuss and evaluate long-term planning and decision-making processes that combine legal and management frameworks to better conserve and preserve the core values of these resources.

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