FMLP Boots on the Ground Special Award

FMLP Presents Special Award

The Boots on the Ground Award annually highlights individuals who stand out due to their commitment to the students and learning objectives of the Facility Management Leaders Program (FMLP).   In addition to the annual award Robert Wilbur, Chief of the Park Facility Management Division presented an additional Boots on the Ground award to Jenny Dems during the FMLP class 11 graduation ceremony on April 12, 2018.  Bob’s comments highlight the impact Jenny has had on the FMLP as a result of her support, dedication, and hard work.

Jenny Dems and Bob Wilbur standing on the stage at the Main Interior Building next the United States flag. Jenny is holding the FMLP Boots on the Ground Award
FMLP Boots on the Ground Special Award winner Jenny Dems, with Bob Wilbur
Comments made by Bob Wilbur on presenting the Boot on the Ground Special Award to Jenny Dems

The Boots on the Ground award is given to a supporter of the Facility Manager Leaders Program who not only supports his or her protégé, but instead all the students and the program as a whole. Someone that can be called upon to support, lend a shoulder, problem-solve, or simply listen.

This person has done all of that and then some. This person has put the “human element” into the program. Yes, it is a professional program-Yes, it is a leadership program and we expect a great deal from our students and our mentors as well. You represent the program to the Facility Management Division, to the National Park Service, and to the public. We hold you to a very high standard.

But, what about the human element? The personal attention, empathy, and support for the hard work that our students and mentor are required to complete and sustain for an entire year? It can be daunting…h

ow does this person support the personal side of this program and provide a much-needed breath? A few examples:

  1. Pin-the tail on the mule
  2. Giant jigsaw puzzles
  3. Mentor-protégé matching
  4. Work order rodeo
  5. Chili Cook-off (Mark cheated)
  6. Listening by the campfire
  7. Reviewing, revising, and advising ALL of the students and unconditional support

Therefore, this year, we are breaking tradition from awarding the Boots on the Ground trophy to a mentor. Instead, we are honoring and saying, “thank you, thank you” for your dedicated and HUMAN support of the Facility Manager Leaders Program, Jenny Dems.

Jenny will be retiring from the National Park Service in July after over 30 years of service.  Jenny’s influence on the FMLP and facility management in general will last for years to come.  Congratulations Jenny!


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