2018 “Excellence in Leadership” Awarded

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The “Excellence in Leadership” award is presented during the Facility Manager Leaders Program (FMLP) graduation ceremony. It recognizes the student who exhibits exemplary leadership qualities while maintaining an approachable, professional demeanor. This award is given to one student who is selected by his or her fellow classmates. The class nominates the person based on the following criteria:

  • The greatest role model for excellence in leadership; best exemplifies the word “leader”
  • The student who exhibits dedication to their position, their staff, their park, and their overall vision
  • The classmate who demonstrates a commitment to continual personal improvement and the improvement of their job performance, skills, and growth

And the Award Goes to…

Four people standing on stage.
Steve Wolter, Robert Wilbur, Josh Glashauskas, Heidi Van Dunk

Josh Glachauckas of Biscayne National Park received the 2018 (Class 11) “Excellence in Leadership” award.  The award was presented by Heidi Van Dunk, the 2017 recipient.  Josh was pleasantly surprised and honored to be nominated by his classmates.

Some comments from classmates include:

  • “If I was in the position to look for a job as a maintenance worker, I definitely would be very happy to accept a position from this person as my supervisor. “
  • “I’ve seen this person reach out to other students multiple times to give support, advice, and share experience between parties, as well as not be hesitant to ask for help within our group. Additionally, I think this person’s willingness to face what was originally a very intense dislike of presenting and public speaking is an example of leadership in action.”
  • “To me this student is the person that best exemplifies the word “leader” in the Facility Manger Leaders Program, Class 11. From the first day of class to earlier today, this student always has a word of inspiration to share. When talking about the assignments that are due, or the logistical challenges, or the everyday obstacles to accomplishing our class work, this student has a way to help you see the light of completion at the end.  This person is always quick to share a lean forward attitude and does not dwell on the problems, but instead inspires and suggests solutions to get it all done. I have witnessed this student do selfless things to ensure the success of the team, and I have heard this person give words of encouragement to others when the demands are overwhelming. I believe this student understands where he wants to go, and how he plans to get there. He exemplifies a professional attitude and appearance and is inclusive in his successes, and leads by setting a model example. This person gets my vote for FMLP Excellence and I would be proud to work with him in any capacity.”

Previous Recipients

  • 2007, Class 1 – Ken Hornback (Joshua Tree NP)
  • 2008, Class 2 – Sandy Pusey-Cameron (Fort Sumter NM & Charles Pickney NHS)
  • 2009, Class 3 – Darryl McLeod (National Mall and Memorial Parks)
  • 2010, Class 4 – Brian Dietz (Canaveral NS)
  • 2011, Class 5 – Bill W. Friesen (Denali NP)
  • 2012, Class 6 – Lisa Cassidy (Klondike Gold Rush NHP)
  • 2014, Class 7 – David C. Foster (Blue Ridge Parkway)
  • 2015, Class 8 – James Ziolkowski (Mount Rainier NP)
  • 2016, Class 9 – Rich Goepfrich (Grand Canyon NP)
  • 2017, Class 10 – Heidi Van Dunk (Apostle Islands NL)

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