DOI Talent and the CLP

On Founders’ Day, the Workforce and Inclusion directorate launched the Common Learning Portal, a tool that improves the way NPS employees can explore and sign up for learning and performance improvement opportunities. There has been some confusion, however, about the difference between the Common Learning Portal and DOI Talent. Here’s a quick “cheat sheet” of how they’re different – and how they work together to improve your experience.

What is DOI Talent?

DOI Talent is a tool for the Department of the Interior (DOI) to take (and track) training courses. You can find a list of mandatory training requirements for all DOI employees, as well as:

  • Find a course/class
  • Register for a course/class
  • Print transcripts and certificates once you’ve completed a course/class
  • See a list of courses and classes you’ve completed
  • Access your paperless performance plan

It provides DOI employees with a repository of all types of training courses whether online, in a classroom, or supplied by an external vendor and maintains a record of courses employees have taken and completed.

What is the Common Learning Portal?

The Common Learning Portal (or CLP) is the gateway to the NPS Learning & Performance Ecosystem. We all know classes are just one of the ways people learn. We also learn through informal learning activities like looking things up on the Internet and social learning activities like talking with other professionals in our field.

The Common Learning Portal supports all of those ways people learn on three, distinct parts of the website:

  • Training Events: An area to search and browse formal training (i.e. DOI Learn classes).
  • Knowledge Park: A searchable digital library of vetted, informal learning resources.
  • The Commons: Collaborative online groups about NPS related topics

How do they work together?

The Common Learning Portal and DOI Talent both list classes (i.e. training events). Why are they in both places? Let’s explore that in a story.

Say you’re an interpretive ranger at Arches National Park and you’re doing some research about Audience Centered Interpretation. With one quick search on the Common Learning Portal, you can find:


You can use the Common Learning Portal as “the gateway to the NPS Learning & Performance Ecosystem.” The CLP can help you find varied educational resources including informal and social learning opportunities. However, the CLP will often link you out to other websites (such as DOI Talent) to actually complete the educational activity. Walk through the gateway to improved learning and performance.

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