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Help us spread the word about the Common Learning Portal!

A badge with a dumbbell in the center with a gold banner that says "CLP Champ"

Become a champion of the CLP and earn the unique CLP Champ badge when you submit a request and have a member of the CLP Team speak about the site to your park, program, or interest group.

To earn this badge, you must submit a request and have a CLP Team member talk about the Common Learning Portal to a group you’ve assembled or are a part of.


To submit a request, please fill out the Google Form. Please note: requests can only be submitted by NPS users.

For more information, please contact either Molly Russell or Tori Peterson.


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  3. I just discovered the NPS Virtual Campus today, when out of curiosity, I did a search for ‘Cultural Resources’ on DOI Learn. The course modules I’ve seen so far on the subject are absolutely on point and awesome.

    It would be extremely helpful if there were an all employee memo emailed from WASO or Mather to inform us all of the NPS Virtual Campus. The one link could replace separate links to DOI Learn. I believe a more cohesive cross divisions source for knowledge would be a great benefit to learners.

    Having completed the Eppley Institute NTDP for Facility Management as one of the first 2 students representing the historic preservation career fields, when I have time, I’m always looking for opportunities to get more involved to help with preservation training in the facility management area. Please keep me informed, I hope to engage more in the future in this endeavor!


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  5. Hope to spread the word in maintenance here at Point Reyes National Seashore! Is there something I can present at a morning meeting with the crew? Thank you for creating this portal, now we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time! BTW, I gotta say, @sjpolzin is a shining star! There, I said it.


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