Partnering to Inspire Webinar Series

Cooperating Associations and Partnerships

Updated NPS Cooperating Associations and Partnerships

Are you interested in learning more about Cooperating Associations, including understanding this important partnership’s history, role, and function, the practical application of DO/RM 32, and the important documents that are key to the success of the partnership?

This training series will help parks and partners build and strengthen their relationship through knowledge, awareness, and mutual understanding of their joint missions and initiatives.

Primary Audience

These webinars are geared towards Superintendents, Division Chiefs, Program Managers, and any NPS employees who work with NPS Cooperating Associations and Cooperating Association staff.

Webinar Offerings

Webinar 1: Partnering to Inspire – Understanding Director’s Order 32

This webinar explores the myriad of NPS partnerships from Cooperating Associations to Friends Groups to Concessioners. You will review what makes a nonprofit organization a nonprofit and discuss the structure and governance of a 501c3 organization, and what makes cooperating associations unique. The session ends with a cursory look at the intent, purpose, and implementation of NPS DO 32 which guides managers and staff who work in partnership with Cooperating Associations.

Webinar 2: Partnering to Inspire – Partnership Ethics

In this webinar, you will explore how to make good ethical decisions as federal employees while working with NPS partnerships from Cooperating Associations to our other nonprofit partners. The session ends with real-life scenarios from the field and a chance for managers and staff to get all of their ethics questions answered by DOI ethics advisor, Matt Bigelow.

Webinar 3: Partnering to Inspire – Promoting a Sustainable Business Environment

The pandemic intensified the need to support our cooperating association partners, and this webinar features many case studies illustrating specific actions that parks have taken to support their cooperating associations through innovative adaptive recovery measures, collaborative decision-making, active listening, field staff cooperation, website and social media promotion, innovative product selection, and alternative sales venues. This webinar will inspire parks to develop new ways to support their cooperating associations.

Webinar 4: Planning for Success – Part 1

Directors Order 32 highlights the importance of superintendents involving Cooperating Associations and other partners in comprehensive interpretive planning, and this includes both long range plans and annual operations plans. You will also hear from practitioners in the field about successes and challenges with these plans. This webinar highlights the intent and purpose, key points, and challenging aspects of the Annual Aid-to-NPS, Scope of Sales, and the Annual Operating Plans, and how they are key to a successful partnership.

Webinar 5: Planning for Success – Part 2

Directors Order 32 emphasizes the importance of superintendents involving Cooperating Associations in long range plans. We will explore the details of the Annual Operating Plan, focus on appropriate and inappropriate uses of Annual Aid-to-NPS funds, and learn how to keep a Scope of Sales updated and relevant. Participants will share successful examples from the field and discuss COVID-era impacts on this year’s planning process.

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