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Here's a quick reference guide to some of the questions most frequently asked by users of the CLP. You can start here, but there are some other resources as well

CLP - sounds great. What is it?

The CLP is a website to help NPS employees, volunteers, and partners learn the information and collaboratively practice the skills they need to improve their performance on the job. We go beyond “classes” to include informal learning resources (like best practice reference docs) and collaborative discussion groups with your colleagues. Here’s a short video which gives an overview of the CLP.

While the video gives the basics, what people are often really asking when they ask that question is “what is the difference between the CLP and DOI Talent or other tools we already have? Here’s a news post which explains the difference between the CLP and DOI Talent.  We’ve got a few (highly visual) reference guides to explain the difference between the CLP and and InsideNPS.

I'm new to the CLP. How do I get started?

To get started on the Common Learning Portal you’ll want to log in, update your user profile, review the etiquette that is expected of users in the Commons, and browse the Knowledge Park. You may just discover some things you didn’t even know you were looking for!

If I need CLP help, how do I get it?

If you need some help using the CLP, first review the information in the CLP Help group. You may find the answer to your question. If the answer’s not already there, start a new topic and ask your question – someone may be able to help you. If your question doesn’t get answered by the group, you can submit a question via the Contact Us form. When all else fails, email us at

How do I change my CLP Password?

    • If you have NPS credentials, you will log in to the CLP with your PIV card. You can reset your NPS network password at the NPS My Account Portal.
    • If you do not have NPS credentials (and do not have a PIV card), request to reset your CLP password here.
    • If you just requested a password reset, check the inbox of the email address associated with your account for further instructions.

Can I access the CLP from home?

Yes; a PIV card-carrying member of the NPS workforce can log in from a home computer, phone, or tablet by enabling remote access mode on their CLP account. This is a temporary status. Once you’ve enabled remote access on your account, you’ll have 60 days to login using the public login workflow (username and password fields) and access the CLP from a personal or mobile device.

I found something that's broken on the CLP. What do I do?

The CLP is never going to be finished – we’ll be making iterative improvements for the whole life of this website. If you’ve found something that needs to be improved, let us know about it via the CLP Updates & Maintenance group in the Commons.

How do I list a training on the CLP?

If you have an educational resource such as a training, checklist, or educational video which should be listed on the CLP, we’d love to hear about it. Contact us via the online form or email

I am a seasonal employee. Can I access the CLP without my PIV Card?

You can access the CLP even if you are a seasonal employee and your season has come to an end.  Check out these instructions on how to downgrade (and upgrade, once you have your card again) your CLP account, depending on your current employment status.

I have a disability and have a problem accessing information on the CLP. What do I do?

The National Park Service (NPS) is committed to making facilities, programs, services, and employment accessible for visitors and employees with disabilities. If you experience any difficulty accessing the information on the Common Learning Portal, please email us at or contact us via our online form. We will try to assist you as best we can. This may include providing the information to you in an alternate format.

When should I start a new Commons group?

Would you like to start a conversation, but you’re not sure the existing Commons groups include your specific interests? NPS employees can start a Commons group by following these instructions, but before you start a group:

  • Complete the Creating a CLP Commons Group learning activity to earn your Group Moderator badge.
  • Make sure that you have the time and energy to moderate the discussion in your group.
  • For more questions to consider before starting a group, join the conversation.

Got any tips for communicating in the Commons?

We’ve got a lot of tips and tricks in the CLP Help group but here are a few of the best:

    • Use the “Reply To” feature to keep the conversation organized. Do you see a comment in a topic that you’d like to respond to directly?  Make sure you click “Reply to @[username]” just below that reply to ensure that your comment is nested directly under it.
    • Organize your discussion into Topics – Rather than just a messy wall of comments in the order in which they were posted, use the topic feature to organize your discussion.
    • Tag specific people in your topics and replies using @username – They’ll get an email and a notification in the CLP.

Can I get a CLP Team Member to speak about the CLP to my park, program, or interest group?

Absolutely. Submit a request and become a champion of the CLP! Everyone who submits a request earns the unique CLP Champ badge. (The form is available to NPS employees only.)

What does it mean to receive a badge?

CLP Badges are a fun way to show others the educational activities you have completed on the CLP.  To learn how to visit the CLP Help Topic.

Can I control how much email I get from the CLP?

Absolutely. You can control this in your CLP profile settings.

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

Do you want to receive fewer emails from the CLP?  You can control what you get emails about – and thus cut down on the number of emails you receive – through your CLP profile:

      1. Navigate to your profile
      2. Click “Settings”
      3. Click “Email”
      4. Look through the listings of the various email options you have, playing particular to the section titled “Topics.”  Selecting “No” on the first option – replies – will most likely greatly reduce the number of emails in your inbox.

Do you have talking points or other promotional materials so that I can talk to my colleagues about the CLP? Yes, we do! Check out this topic in the Commons for CLP materials.

Some other promotional materials are available.

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