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In a new world of social distancing and increased telework, the Common Learning Portal (CLP) team wants you to know that we’re here for you! We have so many resources on our site to help you through this challenging time from guidance on how to navigate your new telework agreement to a group dedicated to mental health and wellness.  

Below you will find links that introduce you to the CLP, help you navigate the site, and highlight a few resources to help you transition from working in the office to working at home. 

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Welcome to the CLP 

An NPS employee using the CLP at her desk.

“What is this site and how do I use it?” you might be wondering. The CLP is a one stop shop for educational resources to improve your job performance and support your career goals!

The CLP offers training opportunities (online and in-person, self-paced and instructor-led) and learning resources (job aids, how-to’s, best practice guidance, and more!) to NPS employees, volunteers, and partners. The site also supports social learning via the CLP Commons where you can join groups and connect with colleagues and expert! 


Use the following resources to begin exploring the CLP:

CLP 101: Check out this learning activity to learn more about the site and what it can do for you. 

A screenshot of the NPS and Public login buttons on the CLP

Login to the CLP: The CLP requires users to have an account to access certain information (learning activities, groups, and NPS only content). Use this resource to learn how to login if you’re an NPS user and how to invite your volunteers and partners to create an account as well. NOTE: volunteers and partners must be invited and sponsored by an NPS employee before they can create an account.

Enable Remote Access to the CLP: Some NPS employees are working from home and don’t have access to a government computer – don’t worry, you can still access the CLP from your home computer, phone, or tablet! Using the instruction in this resource, you can temporarily enable remote access mode for 60 days. NOTE: in order to enable remote access mode you must login with your PIV card FIRST then create or update your CLP password. Please don’t forget to write your CLP username down as well!  

CLP Help: There are numerous ways to receive help on the CLP including: 

  • CLP Help Group: Search the group for answers, or ask your own question! The CLP team will get back to you as soon as we can. 
  • CLP Help Videos: Search the list of videos in this resource to find step-by-step instruction on how to perform common CLP tasks. 
  • CLP Contact Us Form: In the event the resources above don’t provide you with the information you need and you’d like to connect with a member of the CLP team, please submit a question/comment using the form! 

Do you need more visual support? Submit a request to have the CLP team host a training for your work unit. Participants will learn how to log in, navigate the site, find resources and training, and join and collaborate in the groups.

Support Resources 

Some of you may be teleworking for the first time; others may just need a refresher! Whichever camp you fall into, we have resources for you; take a look at this resource to help get you started. 

Struggling to connect with colleagues? Learn when and how to use MS Teams to collaborate.

Need a community to share and discuss mental health and wellness? Check out the NPS Mental Health and Wellness group. 

Looking for online training and resources? The NPS Learning and Development community has started to capture learning resources and training opportunities in this resource. Use the links to navigate to the career field/category that best fits your needs!

The FriYAY Series is a podcast and webinar series that delves into a variety of topics spanning practical things like how to stay motivated, ways to expand your creativity, ways connect with others, and tips to keep you grounded!

Please be sure to check back on this page as it is updated often with new resources. 

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