CLP Account Statuses

What are CLP Account Statuses?

Members of the CLP community may create an account in one of two statuses:

  • NPS Account:  An NPS Account is automatically created when you log in with your DOI-issued PIV card. An NPS account allows you to access certain content which is restricted as “NPS Only” throughout the CLP.Screenshot of CLP login user interface both options
  • Public Account:  Because not everyone in the NPS Workforce has a DOI-issued PIV card (such as volunteers, partners, and some seasonal employees), these members of the NPS workforce can create a “Public Account” by invitation only.

Review information about how to log in to an NPS or Public account (and how to send an invitation to volunteers, partners, and seasonals so they can create a public account).

The NPS Workforce is pretty dynamic and we’ve found that members of the CLP community often need to switch between CLP account statuses so they can retain one, persistent account and continue collaboratively learning with their NPS colleagues.

Downgrading an Account from NPS to Public

A seasonal employee may create an NPS Account by logging in with the PIV card that was issued to them during their seasonal employment, but when his or her season is over want to retain access to that account. But how can this seasonal employee log in to the CLP after turning in his or her PIV card? In this case, the seasonal employee will need to downgrade the account from NPS to Public at the end of the season. To downgrade:

Step 1:  Log in with your PIV card.

Screenshot of CLP login user interface NPS login workflow emphasized

Step 2: Go to your profile, settings, general.

Screenshot of navigation path to user profile - general page

Step 3:  Your NPS account will, by default, be associated with your email address. You’ll need to change this email address using this field. You may not downgrade your account unless you change the email address from your email address to an email associated with some other domain name.

Screenshot of CLP user profile fields to change your email address

Step 4:  You will be prompted to accept this change and acknowledge that your downgraded account will no longer be able to access NPS only information.

Screenshot of the pop up to confirm CLP account type change from NPS to public

Step 5:  If you have not already done so, you must set a CLP password. Don’t worry – we’ll tell you if you’ve never set one.

CLP prompt to set a CLP password if one has never been set

Step 6:  The next time you log in to the CLP, you will use your new email address and your password.

Screenshot of CLP login user interface public login workflow emphasized

If you need to undo these changes (revert your CLP account to your email and regain the ability to access NPS only information), simply follow the steps to upgrade your account below.

Upgrading an Account from Public to NPS

After the “off season,” seasonal employees often come back to employment with the Service. When this happens, they need to be able to log in with their PIV card (again) and should be able to access NPS only content. To upgrade an account from public to NPS:

Step 1:  If your account is public (but it used to be an account) the CLP remembers your old email address. To upgrade your account, simply log in with your PIV card again.

Screenshot of CLP login user interface NPS login workflow emphasized

Step 2:  That’s it! Your email address will be updated to your email address again and your ability to access NPS only information will be restored.

An Important Exception:  Only CLP community members who have logged in with a PIV card at least one time in their past will be able to upgrade their account. If you have an existing public CLP account, please contact the CLP team for assistance the first time you log in with your PIV card and provide the email address your existing public CLP account is associated with, as well as your new email address. An example of when this might happen is if a volunteer or partner (who had previously created a public CLP account), is hired as a longer-term employee. Upon hiring, he or she would be issued a PIV card. At this time, the employee will need to upgrade his or her account from Public to NPS with CLP staff support.


Still unclear about the process? Check out this short video.

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