Chat with the National Recreation Fee Program Manager

Join Our Quarterly Chats with the National Recreation Fee Program Manager

Are you a regional or park recreation fee program staff member? Come participate in a lively webinar led by National Recreation Fee Program Manager for her next “Chat with Chris.”  Chris Williamson provides updates covering current recreation fee topics and answers your questions in this informative session.

Hear the latest fee news direct from D.C.! Ask a question! Connect with your Recreation Fee peers!

Save the Date

We are currently working with Chris to schedule the next chat. The chat is normally scheduled on a Thursday from 1:00-2:30 p.m. Eastern. Phone lines are limited in order to accommodate the casual Q and A style. It helps if one person from a work group registers and the group calls in together.

Registration is limited. Check with us later this fall for the registration form link.


For more information, contact Shelagh Forester.

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  2. Great idea, Shelagh! Have you thought about building a commons group? You could use the attendees for the March class to get the group started. If you need some help with that, let us know.

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