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“Boots on the Ground”

The “Boots on the Ground” award is presented during the Facility Manager Leaders Program (FMLP) graduation ceremony. The FMLP has an amazing and talented group of mentors. They provide guidance and support to our students throughout the program.

The “Boots on the Ground” award recognizes a FMLP mentor who has gone above and beyond the mentoring of his or her own protege. He or she provides support and expertise to the class as a whole. This award is selected annually by the FMLP training team.

And the Award Goes to…

Three individuals on stage with Boots on the Ground award
Jenny Dems, Joy Springer and Bob Wilbur

Joy Springer has received the award for 2018, FMLP Class 11.  She often reached out to other students, besides her protege, to provide continuous support throughout the year.  During AFMP she was often found checking in on all teams, ensuring they were on track, and keeping their heads above water.  As a mentor, she never missed a monthly report, which is critical in providing feedback to the instructor team regarding the status of their protege’s progress. She rarely missed a webinar and consistently provided support, experiences and knowledge to all students.

In addition to Joy’s mentoring, she often provided training support to the AMP Training team both in the classroom and behind the scenes.  She gave continuous feedback to the training team on observations, necessary changes and concerns, allowing us to constantly fine tune the program.

Previous Recipients

Head shot of Don Mannel
Don Mannel

The first “Boots on the Ground” award went to Don Mannel (Golden Gate NRA) in 2014, Class 7. He was involved with the FMLP for many years. Don received the award due to his continuous support to the program and involvement with mentor recruitment. Don shortly retired after Class 7.




2015 "Boots on the Ground" recipient Bill Thompson
Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson received the award in 2015, Class 8. His dedication to developing future leaders is his passion and something he takes very seriously. He has mentored several proteges throughout the years. Bill continues to support the FMLP as an active mentor.




Professional photo, head shot of Dan McCarthy
Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy received the 2016 “Boots on the Ground” award. Mr. McCarthy mentored Troy Strawn (Manzanar NHS). Many of us think of a leader as one with a big voice and one who dictates or rules.  Dan is a quiet leader. He listens to his protege(s) and guides them to make the appropriate decisions.  Class 9 was the first time Dan participated as a mentor for FMLP.

Dan exemplified a positive attitude and his enthusiasm was contagious with all FMLP teams. He could be found wandering the hotel lobby during the Advance Facility Management Practices (AFMP) providing support, advice and constructive criticism to all participants. His “Boots on the Ground” experience at the Olmstead Center for Landscape Preservation was beneficial to Troy and all FMLP students.



Dave Brouillette and Jenny Dems with Boots on the Ground award
Dave Brouillette and Jenny Dems

Dave Brouillette received the award for 2017, FMLP Class 10.  Dave has been a mentor for the program for numerous years and his support and dedication is invaluable.  He willingly assists with just about anything, even when asked at the last minute.  He frequently participates in curriculum instruction, providing insight to the students and applying leadership theory and philosophy to actual practice in the parks.  Serving on the Servicewide Maintenance Advisory Committee (SMAC) as the FMLP Training Sub-committee chairperson has provided positive and productive changes and support to the FMLP.

Not only is Dave a leader in facility management, he is a band leader as well as a talented musician! His guitar traveled with him to every class, and many nights Dave was at the center of a crowd of mentors and students as they sang into the night. This may not seem like much, but the fact that Dave brought them together in song, allowed the students to relieve some stress and get to know each other on a more personal level.

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