Albright Training Center hosts CLP Workshop

From June 27 – 29, 2016, NPS Fundamentals and Albright Training Center staff members attended the Common Learning Portal (CLP) Content Team Workshop at Albright Training Center.

Albright CLP workshop attendees
Albright Training Center CLP Workshop June 27-29, 2016

Over the three days, staff members learned about the CLP and its benefits to NPS employees and training managers and hosts. Staff members learned how to create and load training content, news items and articles to the CLP. This information will provide an easy way to view and access all events hosted at Albright Training Center.  The CLP will also contain information about the training facility, student residences and reserving the site for future use.

Our aim is to use the CLP as a way for potential guests to see become familiar with our facility and hosted trainings. Along with viewing our facilities and student residences, CLP users will be able to easily link to our reservation applications.

We will also be posting our own training tips and other helpful links for our students and training managers. As the primary training facility for new NPS employees, we hope to use the CLP to provide users with additional resources for career and personal development.

Acting Superintendent Brenda Karl, NPS Fundamentals team members Marty Ross, Sharon Cawley, Kristin Gibbs, Tina Stephens and Phil Molnar and Albright staff members Deidra Jackson, Calvin Liu and Robin Rogers attended the workshop.

Said Acting Superintendent Brenda Karl:

The CLP represents the future of training and development for all.  It is a tool accessible from anywhere, with expert reliable information and input from everywhere – driving toward our greatest potential, individually and together. HOAL and Fundamentals’ presence on the CLP is improved due to the Workshop. Great thanks to Dale, Rebecca and Tori for their expert overview and tutorship!

The workshop was led by Dale Carpenter, Distance Learning Program Manager, Rebecca Wyatt, Common Learning Portal Project Manager, and Tori Peterson, Common Learning Portal Writer/Editor.


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