ACE in your Digital World (ACE #Diginterp)

Icons of a laptop, phone, and thumbs up | icons by Verry, Guilherme Furtado, and Adrien CoquetIf you’re finding yourself posting more and creating digital experiences for visitors, have no fear! You can still invite visitors to experience deep and meaningful interactions with your park or site from a distance.

We’ve been busy creating a series of quick reference guides to help you as you build new digital experiences for your visitors. They’re easily downloadable as PDFs, or browsable right here on the CLP. As we build more, we’ll update this listing, so keep checking back throughout the spring and summer for more new and exciting ways to engage your visitors from a distance.

ACE #Diginterp Guides

Anatomy of a Great Post - Thumbnail of PDF

Anatomy of a Great Post
What makes social media audience-centered?

The Statue of Liberty is Waving at Me - Thumbnail of PDFThe Statue of Liberty is Waving at Me
Showing You Truly Care in a Digital World

Running off the Rails - Thumbnail of PDFRunning off the Rails
Making Virtual Tours Audience Driven Experiences

Checking Your Website’s Gas Tank - Thumbnail of PDFChecking Your Website’s Gas Tank
How Are You Fueling Sharing, Remix, and Expression?

Thumbnail of PDFOffering Up Some Free “Samples”
What’s a Remix? And How’s That Even Legal?

Thumbnail of PDFPutting the “Social” in Social Media
Inviting Simple and Meaningful Visitor Expression

Thumbnail of PDFInviting Them Into The Sandbox
Giving Visitors Concrete Ways to Play


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  1. No matter if your park is closed for COVID19 or anything else, our digital content is always on and “open.” These are great guides to make sure we are serving our digital audiences with the best 21st century interpretation we can offer virtually!


  2. This CLP education series “ACE in Your Digital World” should be required reading for seasoned and new NPS Interp Park Rangers and Park Guides.

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