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In this learning activity, participants will:
  • Gain an understanding of the new differences between CESS 1.0 and CESS 2.0
  • Learn about the new Eos Navigator
  • Gain the knowledge to create and modify estimates in CESS 2.0



After completing each short course, you should be able to:

WORK for the Time Sheet User

  • View your Time Sheet
  • Add regular pay hours to your Time Sheet
  • Add overtime/premium pay hours to your Time Sheet

Credit Card Transactions in WORK

  • Enter credit card transactions against a Work Order in WORK
  • Enter bulk credit card transactions in WORK

Excel Uploads in WORK

  • Upload Excel sheets to Time Sheets
  • Upload Excel sheets to Work Orders

WORK for Park Administrators

  • Explain how to view a list of current user
  • Describe how to grant editing permissions for Time Sheet and Regular users
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